Zuckerberg Didn’t Include India In His Latest FB Post And Indians Lost Their Shit

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11:00 am 20 Jul, 2017


We all love emojis, right? 😀

Sometimes, they express our emotions way more perfectly than words. We all use them on a daily basis and they have become a part of almost every social media app. But, do you know, there is a special day for emojis?

World Emoji Day – July 17. trbimg


Yes, it’s true. 17th July was World Emoji Day and people were celebrating it by exchanging different emojis. You might have kinda missed it, but Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, dedicated an FB post to WorldEmoji Day.

Facebook Ceo, Mark Zuckerberg. wikimedia.org


To celebrate World Emoji Day, Mark Zuckerberg shared a post with a graph showing top 10 Nations that uses emojis.


Here’s Mark Zuckerberg’s post:


Zuckerberg’s post included the names of UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, and Brazil. The graph showed the Top 10 nations that use Emojis and which Emojis they use most. It was an interesting concept that Mark thought about but it made Indians ask him a lot of questions.

Mark’s post couldn’t please Indians as India’s name wasn’t in his graph. Soon, his post got flooded with comments asking him why he hadn’t included India in the graph? According to the data, almost 1.3 billion people use Facebook in India and it disappointed Indians when the graph didn’t have India’s name in it.

Here’s a compilation of the reactions that Mark Zuckerberg’s post got by the Indians:









However, there were some who felt that isn’t a big deal:






Are you also disappointed because India couldn’t make it to Zuckerberg’s list? Do share your views in the comments section below!