A Zookeeper Tried A Stunt With A Crocodile In Thailand Which Went Horribly Wrong

9:25 pm 17 Jun, 2017

A zookeeper in Thailand performed a daredevil stunt with a crocodile, which went horribly wrong. The incident occurred during a free crocodile show on the island of Koh Samui. The video of the incident was captured by a tourist and posted on YouTube on June 16.

The shocking video shows the zookeeper performing tricks with two sticks, while the crocodile kept its mouth wide open.



Screenshot showing the zookeeper playing with the crocodile.

All this while, the crocodile remains perfectly still allowing the zookeeper to do whatever he wants.

He is then seen placing the sticks down and kneeling before the crocodile. He then places his head between the open jaws of the motionless giant reptile.



This daredevil stunt was performed in a Thai zoo.

The reptile kept its mouth open for a few seconds before it suddenly snaps down on the zookeeper’s head.

The crocodile then violently thrashes him around leaving the zookeeper screaming in agony. Within moments the man is left writhing in pain while the crocodile immediately slides back into the water.

Below is the video footage of the incident:




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