Egyptian Zoo Paints Donkey And Passes It Off As Zebra, Twitter Reacts!

3:19 pm 31 Jul, 2018


Everyone knows that Zebra and Donkey are two different animals. The black and white stripes on the zebra make it one of the most distinct animals, and hence also hard to cover up. But what if one paints over the donkey to make it look like a zebra? Sounds outlandish right? However weird it might sound, the authorities of a zoo in Egypt not only thought of this but even implemented it. Yes, the International Garden Municipal Park in Cairo has painted black and white stripes over a donkey and is claiming it has real zebras on display.

One might wonder why disguise a donkey instead of getting an actual zebra. It turns out that the Isreali blockade makes transportation of animals extremely rigid and difficult. A similar incident came to fore back in 2009 when a zoo in Gaza did the same thing.




Mahmoud Sarhann, an 18-years-old student visited the Park a few days ago and got clicked with a zebra. It was only when he noticed the blurry stripes that he realized what’s next to him isn’t a zebra at all.

He soon tweeted a picture of the same on his Twitter account, check it out below:



This tweet caught the attention of people from all over the globe who soon started reacting. While some found the whole situation to be quite funny, there were others who showed concern for the donkey. This is what some of the tweets looked like:


Wondering if it was a black donkey painted white or the other way around.



Should we call them zonkies or debras? LOL!



Someone even went ahead and took a dig at Indian National Congress.



PETA raised their voice against cruelty on the donkey.



People should not joke about this, it is quite sad.



What if the donkey wanted to be a zebra?




So many people, so many points of views. Which one do you agree with the most?

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