Zomato Cleverly Targets Hungry Potheads By Advertising On Rolling Paper Packets

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9:48 pm 2 Jun, 2016


We’ve all heard of Zomato, a restaurant search and discovery service provider, but we haven’t all heard of Captain Gogo; yet, Zomato is advertising on Captain Gogo products and we call this a pretty genius move.

You see, Captain Gogo sells RYO (Roll Your Own) products – rolling papers, pre-rolled papers, flavored papers, etc. And we know that many of those who purchase RYO products are ganja smokers.

Zomato Gogo Rolling Paper


What happens to you after you smoke some weed? You get the ‘munchies’! When you’re too stoned too cook or even get up and look for food, but your phone is nearby – isn’t it clever of Zomato to remind you of its existence just then?

Apart from that, Captain Gogo makes smoking weed sound like such serious business with lines like “What is deemed to be inferior goods by our team of professionals is refused be offered to the end user, without warning them in advance.” As someone who’s pretty stoned while writing this, I really appreciate someone caring so much.


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