The Way Zomato Apologized After Making An Unexpected Delivery Goof-up Won Many Hearts

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Updated on 5 Nov, 2017 at 12:38 pm


Home delivery goof-ups are quite common. But when it’s about food, it upsets a lot and results in long arguments with the customer service executives. However, there are certain instances when some hilarious chats with the customer service executive went viral. Something similar happened with a Mumbai resident, Priya Iyengar.

Priya ordered a cake from Zomato and didn’t leave any message to write on the cake. This resulted in a hilarious goof-up. The bakery ended up writing generic delivery instructions on the cake – “No Garlic, Food Must Be Spicy”.


Iyengar posted the matter on Twitter along with the cake’s picture addressing the matter to Zomato’s official Twitter handle. Here’s what she tweeted while narrating the incident:


Soon, Priya’s tweet caught many eyes and went insanely viral on the internet. The post got retweeted more than 1500 times in no time. A few hours later, Priya again took to Twitter and informed that Zomato contacted her and talked about the matter.



However, the best part happened when Zomato decided to apologize Priya for the goof-up. And, interestingly, they made the sweetest apology by sending a sorry cake to Priya that left her totally surprised. Iyengar then posted that apology cake’s picture on Twitter and expressed her happiness.



Zomato’s sweet gesture made people so happy and made many react to it. Here’s how people reacted to Priya’s tweet:










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