This Mumbaikar’s Interesting ‘Shuddh Hindi’ Gig With A Zomato Executive Will Restore Your Faith In Customer Care!

11:59 am 27 Jul, 2018


While most of us are at our wits end when our delivery orders aren’t satisfied, some customer care executives only add on to those woes. Without a crisp and to-the-point customer service, any hungry person will be left on the brink of a meltdown. However, in some (rare) instances, like this Zomato customer care service, those meltdowns turn into happy interactions. In India, Zomato’s customer care executives are now going viral.

Home delivery goof-ups or delayed food service are common. But sometimes, a Zomato customer care service can make things right. It happened with Priya Iyengar who ordered a cake from Zomato, but ended up with the delivery instructions instead of the actual message!




Her tweet caught the attention of Zomato, which corrected their mistake promptly and received an applaud from happy Priya!



Now, another unsatisfied customer has got the treat of his life – not with his order, but with a fully satisfactory Zomato customer care service.



Shadwal Srivastava, a Mumbai resident, had ordered food from the Zomato mobile app, but his wait got him very impatient. This is because the delivery guy was taking too long to pick up his order.




To get his order delivered faster, a hungry Shadwal reached out to a Zomato customer care executive, and that too in “shuddh” Hindi!



Rather than expecting a rude or carefree executive, he got a pleasant surprise! The Zomato official was so surprisingly amazing, that Shadwal decided to share their ‘gig’ on Twitter for fellow bereaved customers!



The sporting Amazon Prime customer care executive responded to Shadwal in equal style, so much so, that their “shuddh Hindi” chat could easily double up as Hindi lessons!



If you like to read their brilliant “shuddh Hindi” conversation, check out the screenshots in these series of tweets:



It doesn’t end there. This camaraderie is shared further in the second tweet:




While most of us get angry and frustrated with  customer care executives, this camaraderie over speaking “shuddh Hindi” is a breath of fresh air. Let us know what you think of their conversation in the comments section.




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