A Lady Found A Fly In Her Food Ordered From Zomato, And What Happened Next Will Make Your Day

5:16 pm 15 Aug, 2018


Indian restaurant search and discovery platform Zomato has built a reputation of meeting the customers’ demands in every possible way. Last month, a Mumbai based resident tried to get into a conversation with Zomato’s customer care executive in complete Hindi. Surprisingly, the customer care official turned out to be very supportive and the conversation took a hilarious note.

On the other hand, a new case has now come up and it appears that a Twitter user @Vellawanti looks quite unhappy with her recent order from Zomato. The user wasn’t pleased at all since her ‘briyani’ had an extra ‘topping’.


Zomato 3

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She then decided to take the matter forward with the executive. This is what she wrote to the executive:


Due to obvious reasons, the executive apologised instantly and even though of sorting things out with her. The executive responded and said:

“Trust me I am here I will help you for sure and I will do everything to make the things right. Just allow me a moment to connect with the restaurant and I will get back to you with a update.”



To her shock, this is what happened next when the customer care replied:

“I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add an extra topping of dead roasted house fly in your ‘biryani’.”



Take a look at the screenshots below:



One more!



The user later shared the screenshots of her chat with Zomato customer care on her twitter account @Vellawanti.



Zomato soon took notice of her tweet and replied to fix things!



This is what she tweeted next:



The customer care further reached out to her. She also added that the person has apologized to her. Finally, putting an end to it she quoted:

“I like Zomato and the person was genuinely sorry. It was an honest mistake. I don’t want this person to be fired.”

What do you think about this whole Zomato saga?