These Absolutely Awesome Lines On Zomato Billboards Are Going Viral On Social Media

8:29 pm 29 Nov, 2017


Whichever Indian city you are in, you will always feel hungry. Not money, you greedy one – we’re talking food here! Food is something we CANNOT stay without but if we love eating out, we need to know the best place to find our favorite food. And that is exactly where Zomato helps us.


The restaurant-finder service has helped countless food lovers reach their favorite eateries. We know everything from what is available to how much it costs at the eatery before we even step out of our homes.

But no great service can do without great advertising. In fact, advertising is what can make or break the image of a product, service or idea. And every smart business knows that.

These two creatives are proof that Zomato takes smart advertising very seriously.

So what would Zomato do next? Turns out that they have put up billboards in major cities with very catchy (and cheeky) slogans.

Food blogger Akshar posted four pictures of Zomato billboards with this tweet asking people to post more photos:


Here are the pictures he posted:

Ah, this song!


A sumptuous take on the biggest catchphrase in the world of politics!


Another unforgettable number.


And this – the iconic declaration of one of India’s greatest names!


And Twitterati didn’t disappoint. A series of tweets containing more billboards started flowing in:


And everyone was all praise of the slogans.


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