Zomato Apologizes After Getting Thrashed On Twitter For Writing ‘MC’, ‘BC’ On Their Billboards

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1:00 pm 1 Dec, 2017

If you are a foodie and think about just food every moment, then you must be aware of all the leading online companies where you can order your favorite food at great discounts and get it delivered at your doorsteps within a matter of minutes. There is no doubt that Zomato is the most trusted company in online food searching and delivery business. And very recently, the brand became the talk of the towns because of their interesting billboards.


Playing smart in the business, the company installed some out-of-the-box billboards with catchy one-liners written on them. Akshar Pathak, a food blogger, tweeted about this interesting idea along with some pictures of the billboards asking people to share pictures of the same if they spot one in their city.

Akshar’s tweet got a huge response. People replied with amazing pictures and it looked that Akshar’s idea worked well for the company’s promotion.

However, there was one board that didn’t go well with people. Zomato used short forms like ‘MC’ for mac n’ cheese and ‘BC’ for butter chicken and ended up getting slammed by tweeple brutally. Here’s the ad that made people angry.


Here’s how people reacted:

Soon the angry tweets came to the notice of Zomato’s co-founder Pankaj Chaddah. He immediately apologized for hurting people unintentionally and assured that the ad will be pulled down soon.

Pankaj even tagged Akshar to look into the matter and he replied saying that he has even started working on a new billboard.