From Casual Dates To Romantic Relationships These Are The Zodiac Signs With Which You Can Hook Up!

3:40 pm 16 Oct, 2018


Being a firm believer of the zodiac, writing this piece was super exciting! As a millennial, dating is a subject which has always piqued my interest. From holding hands to cuddling and then to going on cute dates, the very idea of going out with your romantic interest is sexy! Many of you might be thinking that what has zodiac and dating got to do with each other. Well, stomach it, because they both do go in the same sentence! I mean have you ever wondered which are the zodiac signs to hook up with as per their persona?

What can be better than dating someone who will best suit you? I mean, we all know by now that finding a perfect partner nowadays is like finding a perfect piece of the puzzle that fits your heart.




You are in for a treat so continue reading and decide which is the best zodiac sign to hook up with as per you:





Capricorns are quite hunky dory kind of people, so it is natural that they make great partners. Be it a casual hookup or a rather serious affair, a person who’s born under this zodiac will not disappoint you.





This zodiac sign bats for its freedom. But when it comes to casual hookups or casual dates then a Cancerian might not be the best choice. Why? Well, it is because they want everything to be mutual. It simply means that if they love you, you gotta love them back. They aren’t casual when it comes to love and sex either.





It is being said that any person who is born under this zodiac is known to be stubborn, so what happens when you imagine having sex with a Taurus? Let me tell you, it is great! They are passionate lovers and quite kinky. So, hooking up with them is a one of a kind experience.





Another water sign, the people born under this zodiac are also very dynamic sexually. If you want to have an adventurous sex life then you should definitely try and hook up with an Aquarius. You definitely won’t regret it!





The sexual dynamism of a Gemini is indeed related to the sign’s adaptable nature. They are masters at “sexy conversations”. Rest you can already imagine right? You might as well talk to them all night long and boy, oh boy, you won’t be disappointed. Another great sign to hook up with.





Virgos are known to be soft and kindhearted peeps, but this doesn’t mean that they are childlike. Virgos are really sassy and energetic kind of people. So if you are in a club next time and by any chance, if you bump into a Virgo, do not forget to exchange contacts!





If you are looking for some more random hookup than Sagittarius can turn out to be a great choice. They are passionate love makers. But they don’t like to be confined, so be sure before you approach them for a date.




Oh boy, if you want to have great sex, then Scorpions are the best choice for you. They are perfectly kinky and perfectly sassy. They are anything but shy when it comes to expressing their love physically.





Having a Libra as your partner can be great because they are great lovers and super caring too. They bat more for deeply intimate relationships than casual hookups or casual dates. So if you want an electrifying intimacy and great sex then Libra can turn out to be a good choice.





Leos are known to be attention seeking, in a positive way indeed. They have this majestic vibe around them. It is to be noted that Leo likes being cared about and pampered, so if you want someone who can be cute and strong at the same time then you can try and date a Leo. Not to forget that they love luxury, so it might be an expensive affair!





Loving an Aries is certainly blissful. They are hardworking and devoted lovers. Want a fun loving, jolly and peppy kinda partner, then Aries is best for you.





Pisces is a water sign. Pisceans are great when it comes to sex. If you want something intense which involves physical as well as emotional chords, then Pisces is just the match for you.


So, next time you try and find your ideal match, do not forget to check the zodiac sign of your partner, just saying. For the record, which zodiac sign is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments.

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