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Know The Kind Of Colleagues And Bosses That The 12 Zodiac Signs Make

Updated on 8 October, 2015 at 2:14 pm By

The zodiac signs bring with them particular traits and behaviors; it can be useful to know your boss’s and colleagues’ sun signs as it can help you know them better.



1. Aries

The Rams are ambitious, driven, independent and unhesitant pioneers; they will share ideas with colleagues and try to come up with good schemes for the company. This can make Rams good assets. However, they can come across as arrogant and are unwilling to be bossed around. Sometimes they run out of steam and leave a project midway. If an Aries is your boss, it’s likely that they are overly demanding and unsympathetic.


2. Taurus

A Taurean can be a determined and persevering colleague. Since they value stability, Taureans will prefer jobs and positions where their future is secure. Once their niche is carved, Taureans can be counted on to handle tough projects and long hours. The downside is that sometimes they are very stubborn and hard to work with. If a Bull is your boss, you’ll probably hear ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’ and will have to pretend to agree with their outdated ideas.



3. Gemini


So everyone knows that the Gemini is a jack-of-all-trades; their ability to multitask and enthusiasm to try new things can be a huge asset for their colleagues. They are brilliant, creative and original and will try and execute projects to their best. However, their need for newness and their independence can make them seem scattered and uninterested after a while. If a Gemini is your boss, your biggest challenge will be actually getting to see them as they are constantly busy.


4. Cancer

A Cancerian can be like the glue that bonds people together; they are nurturing and supportive and will take interest in their colleagues’ lives. They are good at making the office a more involved space. However, they are moody and highly emotional, which can make them unprofessional from time to time. If a Crab is your boss, you might have to suck up to them as they are more responsive to emotions than good performances or capabilities.


5. Leo

Leos are born leaders and are always willing to take on more responsibilities. Their colleagues can count on them to make sure that a project is completed. Unfortunately, Leos can sometimes start treating their colleagues like their subordinates, which makes them unpopular. They also need constant admiration from everyone around them. If you work for a Leo, you may need to shower them with attention and let them steal credit for your work.


6. Virgo

Virgos are known to be perfectionists. They have an eye for detail, a desire to produce quality work and a method that is precise; therefore, any project they’re involved in will be treated with utmost care. But it is this same desire to be meticulous that makes Virgos a pain for their colleagues. The Virgo will insist on getting minor things done their way instead of focusing on the big picture. The Virgo boss may not remember your name but will remember every mistake you ever made.


7. Libra

Librans try to be fair and balanced in their office lives. They are good at building rapport have admirable diplomacy skills that help them to make friends in the office. Their colleagues can count on them for a pleasant time. But Librans are bad when it comes to making tough decisions or being blunt about a given situation. If a Libran is your boss, you’ve got an easy time of it as they will not take you up to task for mistakes and spend their time avoiding negative situations.


8. Scorpio

Scorpios are known to be resourceful, confident, determined, charismatic and diligent; this makes them good colleagues to have on your team. However, Scorpios secretiveness can make their colleagues jumpy. Beware of the Scorpio’s silence; if hurt, the Scorpio will make a plan to annihilate you and you won’t see it coming. If a Scorpio is your boss, get ready to feel insecure all the time; they’re likely to be waiting for you to make a mistake that they can exploit.


9. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is a friendly creature given to optimism. Sagittarians are energetic and enthusiastic workers and they try to get on well with coworkers. However, there is an air of haughtiness about them that makes them think they’re better than the rest and should be made the boss ASAP. Occasionally they display a ‘I don’t care’ attitude that can ruffle others’ feathers. If your boss is a Sagittarian, you’ll have to listen to mindless talk, and be forced to participate in pointless activities.


10. Capricorn

Capricorns are driven and ambitious along with being competent and confident. They can be responsible and very organized, with a zeal to deliver the best that they can. What is a drawback for Capricorns is that in their hurry to succeed, they might not try to win friends in office. Any informal talk with them is likely to be rushed along the grapevine. Capricorn bosses are concerned with their status; they must feel that you are worth knowing for them to pay any attention to you.


11. Aquarius

Aquarians can be like a breath of fresh air in a stale office; they are innovative and try to make things move along more efficiently. They can be very disciplined though they will still have their odd quirks that make them stand apart. Unfortunately, Aquarians tend to become impatient when others can’t or won’t keep up with them. Once their rebellious streak is unleashed, don’t expect them to back down. As a boss, an Aquarian doesn’t focus too much on the business at hand.


12. Pisces

Pisceans are regular, dependable and devoted to their companies. They are ready to commit and make sacrifices for their jobs. Behind this is, of course, a fear of being fired but also plain dedication. Pisceans have a bad habit of tooting their own horns and reminding everyone of what they’ve sacrificed for their jobs. They are more into solo work than team work. As bosses, Pisceans can end up blaming subordinates for their mistakes and avoiding major responsibilities.




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