Have You Been To The ‘Zero Mile Stone’, The Geographic Centre Of India Located In Nagpur?

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6:30 pm 14 Jun, 2016

There is a monument in Nagpur called the ‘Zero Mile Stone’. It is so named because the British marked it as the geographical centre of India.


Located southeast of the Vidhan Bhavan in the city, the monument was erected by the Colonial rulers sometime in the early 1900s.

A visitor to the monument describes that an inscription mentions it as having being erected in 1907.


Map of India in 1905. Drivnls.uk

Map of India in 1905. Drivnls.uk

At that time, the British ruled most parts of the Indian subcontinent.

In order to make a proper map of India, the British, in the 19th century, set out on one of the greatest cartographic missions of their time – the Great Trigonometrical Survey.


Location of Nagpur in India. Google Maps

Location of Nagpur in India. Google Maps

According to the British, Nagpur – the then capital of the Central Provinces – was the centre of India.

So the British marked Nagpur as ‘zero’ and computed the distance of other prominent cities from Nagpur.




The Zero Mile Stone is not, however, the exact geographic centre of the country. Post the partition of India, the location of the centre of the country shifted slightly northeastwards into what is now Madhya Pradesh. This Quora user writes that the actual location is a place called Karaundi near Sihora in Madhya Pradesh. It is deep inside a remote forest.


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