Pakistani ‘Defence Analyst’ Zaid Hamid Blames R&AW For His Detention In Saudi Arabia

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12:43 pm 14 Oct, 2015


Zaid Hamid, the controversial self-proclaimed Pakistani defence analyst, who was reportedly sentenced to eight years in prison and 1000 lashes by a Saudi court, has now blamed India for his ordeal.

According to Daily Pakistan, Hamid blamed India’s external spy agency R&AW for planting false stories of his association with Iran in the Saudi establishment, which led to the latter believing that he was spying for Tehran.

He claimed that R&AW used his picture with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and his two official visits to Iran as evidence to prove that he was an Iranian agent.

Zaid Hamid in Iran

Daily Pakistan



He says that the Saudis did their own investigation and discovered that he had nothing to do with Iran or its security apparatus. Hamid returned to Pakistan on October 3.

“Saudi government arrested me because they were told by agents of Indian spy agency RAW that I am an Iranian spy,” Hamid reportedly said on his “official” Facebook account.

On his official Twitter account,  Hamid alleges this:


This allegation could not be confirmed.

Hamid was detained for around four months in Saudi Arabia for bad-mouthing the monarchy and Riyadh’s policies with regard to Yemen.

He admits that he opposed sending of Pakistani troops to Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia but adds it was because of his “love for Pakistan” and “not because of Iranian interests”.

Hamid accuses the R&AW of misleading the Saudi establishment into believing that he was anti-Saudi and urged them to hand him over to India.

That is not all, Hamid also accuses R&AW of deliberately making the Saudi’s confuse his wife Tayyaba’s name with Khanum Tayyaba Bokhari, a Shia scholar who appears on TV programmes.

“The demands by Indian government that I should be handed over to India also alarmed the Saudis that something is wrong here. If I was an Iranian agent, why India was so interested that I should be handed over to India,” Hamid said.

In prison, he claims to have gathered “first-hand” info on Islamic State plans.

Hamid, the son of an army officer, is known for his vicious anti-India rants.

Writing for The Dawn, Qasim A. Moini reports that Hamid is dismissed by critics in Pakistan as a brash conspiracy theorist but commands quite a high fan following on social media.

“He is truly a strange combination, bringing together elements of Sufi-jihadi Islamism, revanchist ultra-nationalism and an unabashed pro-military stance”.

He studied computer systems at Karachi’s NED University and is a regular on Pakistani news channels discussing the country’s security vis-à-vis India’s.

Hamid’s image in Pakistan is of a rhetorical pro-army activist. He often blames foreign intelligence agencies such as R&AW, Mossad and CIA for trying to destabilise Pakistan.


According to various reports, Hamid runs an organisation that aims to restore the Islamic caliphate inside Pakistan.

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