This Is What Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge Said About Their Inter-religious Marriage

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7:33 pm 31 Oct, 2017


Bollywood meets cricket, again. Former Indian Bowler, Zaheer Khan, will soon marry the ‘Chak De’ actress, Sagarika Ghatge.

Both of them have stayed away from the limelight and their dating rumors early this year were quite a surprise for us. But all is well in love.

In a recent interview, the couple talked about how they fell in love and why being with the right person is very important for them. Sagarika said,

It was weird that every time I met him, my friends would tease us for some reason. We would be cordial with each other and stick to the regular `Hi’ and `Hello’. But there were people, like my close friend, who thought we should be together even before we thought about it. We don’t know exactly when it started, but we eased into it.



But it was Zaheer who made the first move. Zaheer says,

One person had to take the lead, and it was me (smiles). Things started to get serious when I actually told her about it. Before that, we would always meet as part of a group. We would enjoy each other’s company, but I wasn’t sure if she liked me or not. So I just told her, “I would like to take you out for dinner, but it should be just you and me, not with the gang.“ She thought I was joking about it! We always felt there was something between us, but didn’t say it.


Though it was an inter-religious marriage, their families were very understanding. Zaheer added,

We didn’t face any such issues. Both our families are evolved enough to understand that it’s about marrying the right person over marrying into the same religion. It’s important to be a good human being.

From Sagarika’s side too, there was no problem. She said,

My parents are also openminded and their primary concern was that I marry the right person. I am sure they may have had their apprehensions, but after meeting him, it cleared a lot of things for them. He is perfect.


The couple will have a court marriage on November 27 this year.

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