OMG! Yves Saint Laurent Has Launched Penis Shaped Jewellery. See The Collection Inside!

2:31 pm 13 Nov, 2018


French luxury and famous fashion company Yves Saint Laurent has launched a controversial jewelry range. The  jewelry include genitals dangling off earrings and necklaces. What? You mean penis earrings and necklaces? Yes, it is true!

To make everyone know that it a designer dick, the intricately designed jewelery even has Saint Laurent Paris engraved on the back. So would you wear a matching set? But hey, let me be honest to you in the first place, that is, you need deep pockets to be able to buy them.




The designer collection, said to be made in Italy, is built using patinated golden brass.

You still don’t believe? Well, if you don’t, take a look at the picture of the dangle earrings below.



Well, if you fancy wearing one, you will have to shell out £215 (Rs 20,109.30) for a pair. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Yves Saint Laurent has also launched penis necklaces, which are said to be 100 per cent brass and have a YSL charm on the clasp.

But do you know that its cost is even much higher than the earrings? It costs £520 (Rs 48,619.96) a piece. Take a look at the picture of the penis necklace below:



However, it is reportedly said that these Yves Saint Laurent’s penis earrings and necklaces have created quite a controversy on social media with many mocking and making fun of the products. Meanwhile, it is said that despite their unique design and hefty price tag, the earrings and necklaces have actually sold out.
The sad part is that these unique design isn’t available online. You’ll have to go into the store to buy them.