How Andrew Flintoff Made Yuvraj Singh Hit Six Sixes In An Over Finally Revealed

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9:45 pm 27 Apr, 2016

If there is one television show host more persuasive than even the best of journalists, it has to be Simi Grewal.

No one could make Yuvraj Singh reveal what transpired between him and English cricketer Andrew Flintoff during the India versus England T20 World Cup encounter on September 19, 2007. Grewal managed to extract that out of Yuvraj on her show.

In case you have a short memory, Yuvraj and Flintoff had a very ugly spat. It has been around nine years but neither Flintoff nor Yuvraj ever said what words they exchanged.




Yuvi told Grewal that Flintoff came up to him because he had been hit for two fours by the southpaw. And then this followed:

Flintoff: Those were ******* ridiculous shots.

Yuvi: **** you.

Flintoff: Excuse me!

Yuvi: You heard what I said.

Flintoff: I will cut your throat off.

Yuvi: You see this bat in my hand. You know where I gonna hit you with this bat?

That’s it. The umpires ended their argument but Yuvraj was all riled up. So he decided to vent his ire on…Stuart Broad.

The result: A history making six sixes in as many balls and poor Broad was made to walk the plank for no reason.



Flintoff learnt an important lesson that day: Don’t mess with sadda Punjabi puttar.




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