Hipsters Fade Into The Background As Yuccies Take Over

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5:16 pm 12 Jun, 2015


If you know someone who may have flirted with working for The Man but who wants to or has sold his or her own creative ideas/products, you may know a yuccie. According to mashable writer, Infante, “Being a yuccie is synonymous with the sort of self-centered cynicism that can only exist in the absence of hardship. It’s the convenience of being unburdened by conviction; it’s the luxury of getting to pick your battles. In this context, cynicism is maybe the yuccie’s most defining trait”

Since the article was published, many Twitterati have admitted to having the traits of a yuccie.


Do not confuse yuccie with hipsters though. Where yuccies go, rents get higher and shops of nonessential items see rise in profits. According to Richard Florida, every generation gives a term to its “creative class” – that section of society that fuels any big city’s economy in modern times. And ‘yuccie’ could merely be this generation’s way of identifying this creative class.

Big city economies need individuals who can innovate, launch businesses and help move the cities forward.


So it seems that being a yuccie is not that bad an idea. Yet according to Infante, “Yuccies are the cultural offspring of yuppies and hipsters. We’re intent on being successful like yuppies and creative like hipsters.” He states that yuccies define themselves by their purchases but unlike their predecessors, the price of something is immaterial if the material bought validates the intellect.

The final word on yuccies is that if you identify with the description, don’t be ashamed of it, but don’t be proud of it either.



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