8 Indian YouTubers Who Are Making Big Money Through Their Videos

8:00 am 11 Apr, 2018


India is a melting pot of all kinds of artists and with the advent of technological development, this melting pot has become digitalized. Social media platforms are taking over the world by storm and one such social media site is YouTube. It is one of the most entertaining and educative media platforms.

YouTube has given people the opportunity to reach to the millions of users by simply posting a video. People are more interested in watching a video, be it for education or entertainment.

India has a variety of YouTubers creating enormous content on a wide array of topics, making the best use of the YouTube culture. These dynamic individuals are using the platform to reach to their millions of subscribers and writing their own YouTube destinies. They have created a revolution in the world of technology and entertainment by becoming the richest YouTubers in India.


1. Bhuvan Bam




Bhuvan Bam or BB Ki Vines has become a global sensation in the YouTube community. His humorous videos based on generic storylines are hard to give a miss. He plays 5-6 characters, including his parents, friends and other relatives in his videos, all played and shot by himself on his phone. Based in Delhi, Bhuvan is also a musician by profession and earns by performing in live shows and concerts. His channel has been awarded the fastest growing channel on YouTube community worldwide.

Subscribers: 7.2 million


2. Sandeep Maheshwari



Sandeep Maheshwari is an inspirational and motivational speaker who owns a website called imagesbazaar.com. He is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in India. He became well known amongst people for his life-changing Seminars through which he inspires young minds who are afraid of public speaking or lack confidence. Started from the bottom, he now has huge subscriber base who takes life-changing lessons from him.

Subscribers: 4.9 million


3. Nisha Madhulika


She has become a household name for those who wish to learn cooking in a simple manner. She started with a blog in 2007 after which she started her YouTube channel at the age of 52. Earlier her husband helped her in all the technical works for the videos, now she has her own team for creating and modifying the content. Her channel has become one of the most popular cooking channel in the YouTube Community with recipes for all types of cuisines.

Subscribers: 3.7 million


4. Sanam Puri



Sanam Puri is the lead singer and the face of the band ‘Sanam’ who runs the YouTube channel ‘Sanam’. The band is known for recreating the old evergreen Bollywood songs to create soulful musical treats for the listeners. The band has four artists who play various instruments. The popularity of the band is unmatched in the Indian YouTube community.

Subscribers: 3.7 million


5. Technical Guruji



Gaurav Chaudhary or Technical Guriji is the technical channel on YouTube who reviews various electronic and technical gadgets on his channel like mobile phones, mobile accessories, television sets, music systems and other accessories. He creates interactive content in both Hindi and English to reach as many viewers as possible. His reviews are not only informative but reliable as well. Moreover, he arranges Tech Talks in order to make his viewers familiar with technology.

Subscribers: 5.5 million

6. Shruti Arjun Anand



She started her YouTube channel by posting weekly videos about tips for skin and beauty products. Her videos on hair and makeup have made her the perfect beauty YouTuber. She gives you styling tips, makeup reviews and beauty product reviews in her videos so that you look picture perfect every day. She also creates videos based on daily incidents to tickle your funny bones.

Subscribers: 1.2 million


7. Varun Pruthi



‘ActorVarunPruthi’ is the name of the YouTube channel run by Varun Pruthi who is a social worker. He makes videos about social issues and helps the poor and underprivileged by buying all the stuff that they sell. His social experiments behind hidden camera provide hard-hitting messages about the society.

Subscribers: 1.8 million



8. Kanan Gill



One of the most popular stand-up comedians in India, Kanan Gill knows how to sway his audience and bring smiles to their faces. He became famous for reviewing Bollywood movies in his comical style that was hilarious. Even after being a software engineer by profession, he changed his destination to make a living through comedy and entertaining people.

Subscribers: 615k



We are totally amazed by their success stories. YouTube is a platform that can create wonders in the internet age with just a video. What do you think?

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