Want To Earn Rs 7 Lakh In 5 Minutes? Here’s The Trick!

3:45 pm 24 Oct, 2018


Keeping aside job satisfaction and other aspects, we work because we want to earn. No, this is not about a job opportunity but something that happens rarely in someone’s life. We all love to get something extra. It’s even truer for those who work in the hospitality industry, especially in restaurants. The servers or waiters always keep a ray of expectations alive for getting tips. Naturally, some of us leave a moderate to a generous amount, while others refuse to part with their penny. However, YouTube vlogger Jimmy Donaldson outdid us all!

Any idea how? Well, he paid a visit to a restaurant, ordered two bottles of water, and left a tip. Wondering what’s surprising in that? Of course, it’s the amount he left.




YouTube vlogger Jimmy Donaldson left about $10,000 in cash for the waitress that served him. He hardly spent 5 minutes in the restaurant before leaving. Do you know how much is that amount in Indian money? It’s Rs 7 lakh! The money was left for waitress Alaina Custer. She is a server in the restaurant Sup Dogs in the USA.



Naturally, she was absolutely elated after finding such a huge tip. While she kept most of the money, the rest was distributed between all the other servers. This is what she shared about her experience:

“I literally didn’t think it was real. I picked it up and it was a giant stack of hundreds, I was shaking and just kept asking, ‘What is this? I thought someone was playing a joke on me.”



Bret Oliverio, the owner of the restaurant was absolutely surprised by this act of YouTube vlogger Jimmy Donaldson. In his own words:

‘Good people are still doing good things these days so I thought it was pretty cool. I’ve seen some really big tips but not $10,000 this was out of the blue, once in a lifetime, it’ll never happen again in my lifetime.’



The vlogger actually planned giving different amount of tips at various places. He started with 1 penny that finally reached up to $10,000. Check out the full video here:



Popularly known as Mr. Beast, this is not the first time the vlogger stole the heart of the audience with his generous act. Previously, he also gave tips worth $10,000 to pizza delivery guys. Here’s the video:




Though it’s clear that YouTube vlogger Jimmy Donaldson is doing it for gaining popularity but it takes a lot to hand out that amount of cash. What do you think?