Google Owned YouTube Shuts Down Tarek Fatah’s Account, Wiping Out 100s Of Videos

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1:54 pm 11 Sep, 2015

Pakistan-born Canadian author and activist Tarek Fatah’s YouTube account has been shut down, with hundreds of videos exposing various areas of Islamists, Saudis, ISIS and Pakistani military background being wiped out in an instant.


The news about his YouTube account being suspended was shared by Tarek himself, with the 65-year-old expressing his disappointment with the Google cooperation as well.

Tarek, in his Facebook post said:

Freedom of Expression is a fragile right that we in the West enjoy, thanks to hundreds of years of struggle for individual human liberty and rights by our forefathers. But we take it for granted, not realizing how easily it can be taken away.
Today it dawned on me free speech can be taken away not just by our enemies who wish to drown us in authoritarian Islamism, but also by corporations like Google and its subsidiary acquisition YouTube, once they are infiltrated by Western-born Islamists in the corporate suits.
Thanks to pressure from Pakistan’s ISI and Islamist groups in USA and Canada, Google Inc today shut down my YouTube Channel wiping out hundreds of videos that exposed the Islamists, the Saudis, ISIS and above all the Pakistani Military and its agents in the West.
Whats a man to do when confronting the death cult of jihadis fighting for Allah on one side and multi-nationals like Google for whom Dollar is God, on the other hand?
In 2014 Facebook would shut me down every month and now YouTube. No problem, the beat goes one.


The above Facebook revelation, was followed by a second post few hours later, that read:

Tarek, who is Pakistani by birth, had visited India for the fist time in 2013 and stayed for four months earlier this year. After his stay, in an interview with Times of India he had said how India was the only country where Muslims could express their thoughts and beliefs without fear.



He has also made many radical exposes about his country of birth Pakistan, and has even said that while India has almost always mourned the India-Pakistan partition, its counterpart, (Pakistan), has always celebrated it.

What is more Fatah was the first person to suggest renaming Delhi’s Aurangzeb Road.


During a speech early this year, he had said:

 “You (Muslims) are the only people who can destroy ISIS. But you have to do one thing. Will you be prepared to change the name of Aurangzeb Road to Dara Shikoh road?”


Later, he had even posted a tweet celebrating the suggestion that the Aurangzeb Road was being renamed after former Indian President, APJ Abdul Kalam.

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