18 Youthful Hopes That Are Dashed During Your First Job

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5:02 pm 24 Apr, 2015


As a fresher, your expectations from your newly-found job is more than what it can deliver. It appears as if day-by-day tragedy is unfolding in front of you. However, with time not only do you get accustomed to it but also join the race. Later on, you happen to laugh at any fresher who joins the organization. Don’t worry, that won’t be considered mean!

1. Working hard for appraisals

You wait for performance appraisal but are left in shock with peanuts added to your salary.

2. Getting leaves when required

You feel that you are doing a crime by asking for a leave.

3. Having enough time for family


All your time is spent in office not necessarily working, but pleasing.

4. Your work being appreciated

With every task completed your expectation of getting an appreciation dies.

5. Sitting at the best desk ever

All your hope is shown the door!

6. You are going to have outings often

The day just doesn’t come!

 7. Believing you’re a smart whip

Until the day you entered office, you were smart but now you are just like everyone…confused!

8. Enjoying daylight during office hours.

You forget what sunlight looks like.

9. There will be weekend offs

Being called to office on weekends to work for some irrelevant project.

10. Enjoying your meals with fellow colleagues

Not really! You might have to grab a bite alone.

11. You boss will be a wonderful mentor

All your misery is created by him.

12. Having too much work to have time to get bored

Sometimes you get lost in the laptop screen because of boredom.

13. Becomming financially independent

Paying your bills and taxes makes you more dependent.

14. Waking up everyday for a fresh start

Only if you could catch a good night’s sleep.

15. Making new friends in office

Hmm…more of competitive friends sprouting office politics.

16. Heading the team someday

The year ends and you are left wondering what you are doing.

17. Doing wonders during presentations

Giving presentations becomes a nightmare as you fear being grilled.

18. Doing work that makes a difference


More of taking orders than really working.

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