What This Youth Did To Increase His Height Will Leave You Amazed!

2:57 pm 5 May, 2018


It’s a well-known fact that getting a government job in India is next to impossible. Candidates prepare for years for the entrance exams, yet they fail to secure a position in the merit list. However, there are few departments where physique and strength are more important than one’s knowledge and IQ, and therefore rather than conducting a difficult entrance exam, they conduct an equally (even more) difficult physical test first.




It’s not very hard to hard to guess that the departments which give importance to physical strength are defence departments, and Indian Army is the best of them. Indian Army usually conducts an open recruitment for recruiting soldiers. Many unemployed youths try their luck to fulfil their dream of getting a uniform, and some of them even use various techniques to hide their ineligibility.



While providing fake documents during the open recruitment is a common thing, this youth did something that is even hard to imagine and think of. Ankit Kumar knew that his height was a bit less than the required height for joining the army. So in order to increase his height, he hit his head with a heavy stone, so that the head swells.



After his head swell, he appeared for the physical measurements and almost got selected. On measuring, his height turned out to be a bit more than the required. Although he cleared the height test, few officers got suspicious. When his head was inspected closely, it was found to be swollen. Upon inquiry, Ankit accepted that he injured his head in order to gain a few ‘swollen centimeters’.




Apart from him, there were many others who appeared with fake documents and admit cards.

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