If You’re An NRI, You Can Help India Grow In These 6 Ways

7:00 pm 22 Apr, 2014


In India, we have this serious problem of blaming the NRIs for leaving India desolate and making it big in some other country. But, we never stop from urging our children to leave this country “of no good” and settle at some divine land! However, if seen from a different perspective, we can find numerous ways by which the NRIs can contribute towards making some serious amendments and changing India’s status from being a “no-good country” to a “great country”. Listed below are some of those ways by which NRIs can contribute to the growth and prosperity of India—

6. Paying Proper Income Tax

It’s high time we know and understand that the NRI status is given by the Indian Government only to facilitate adjusting the tax-paying status of a person. In other words, it’s a status provided by the Income Tax Department, and you do have to pay taxes in India even if you’re not staying in Indian Territory. So, NRI or not, your liability towards the country doesn’t change but only remodels itself, to put it bluntly. Hence, by paying proper Income Tax, any NRI can help the country to prosper and grow substantially.

Paying Proper Income Tax

5. Make Donations to the Indian NGOs


One of the primary ways an NRI can help India is by donating amounts regularly to some established NGOs working for the benefits of the women or children or against the social ills that our country is steeped into. By doing this, you also get to know about the current situation of your country and hence, help it to prosper in the right direction, in the right manner. Nowadays, with the internet and e-banking facilities available, making online donations and supporting NGOs miles apart were never easier!

Make Donations to the Indian NGOs

4. Spread Knowledge

The best way we think any NRI can contribute towards the growth of India is by spreading his knowledge about the different aspects of life and social changes that he or she has witnessed during the stay at some other country among his kith and kins. By writing articles across the print and electronic media comparing the goods and evils of those countries to that of India and by putting in the right amount of effort, one can bring about great changes in the societies, thereby making India a better place to live in.

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Spread Knowledge

3. Adopt an Indian Child or Sponsor Some

Adopting children may not be much prevalent in our country, but it’s surely much prevalent in the western countries. And, what better way can any NRI help India but by adopting Indian children and thereby, playing a definitive role in irradiating poverty and other abuses against children. Many NRIs have done it, and many more can surely do so, and hence, bring about a real social change in India.

Adopt an Indian Child or Sponsor Some

2. Develop Business Start-ups or Invest in Indian Companies

If possible, after gaining much experience at some MNC abroad, an NRI can open up his own business enterprise in India. By doing so, he can not only start up something worthwhile on his own but also help India grow in a positive way by generating more employment opportunities! If this isn’t possible, then he or she can invest, instead of in any foreign companies, in MNCs based in India—thereby facilitating the growth of India along with guaranteeing his own prosperity.

Develop Business Start-ups or Invest in Indian Companies

1. Research and Development of Effective Measures to Curb Social Paralysis

Even if you’re staying abroad, you can help India to fight all its social evils by developing models and innovative ways to remodel and educating the society. To this extent, you can even pressurize the Government to adjust and make few amendments; after all, you too generate a substantial amount of income for the Indian Government and are a regular payer of taxes. You can work up on a number of areas, depending upon your interest—agriculture, education, sports, counter-terrorism actions, activism against social ills, etc—and bring about a great change in India!


Research and Development of Effective Measures to Curb Social Paralysis

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