Here’s What YouPorn Did To Take Revenge From Starbucks. It’s Hilarious!

7:01 pm 1 Dec, 2018

Tit for tat is something kids are well aware of. They will never leave anything and will give it all back. The same spirit has been adopted by the porn giant YouPorn. Recently, Starbucks banned its customers to watch porn on its free wifi and as a result, Youporn decided to take action against them.

According to a media report, YouPorn is now banning Starbucks in its office and will make sure that no one from YouPorn will consume Starbuck’s products in its premises. It will shift its consumption to Dunkin’. It is all because it’s getting revenge on Starbucks for blocking Internet porn in its stores.



Representatives for YouPorn told the media that the porn giant is now strictly pushing Dunkin’ coffee on its workforce.



The company’s VP sent a memo to employees announcing a ban on all Starbucks products effective New Year’s Day.



Starbucks announced that it is blocking customers from watching XXX material while on their free WiFi. Starbucks was receiving a lot of pressure from the Internet safety group and as the saying goes ‘Enough is Enough’, Starbucks took the decision.



YouPorn responded in style and put a blockade of its own. Yes, it’s their revenge game.



We are wondering about the customers and the employees of both the entities. They can’t watch porn in Starbucks and the YouPorn employees can not have Starbucks’s products. They did nothing wrong but they are suffering the most. Lol!



But now what? Will Starbucks participate in the game further? What do you think?