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23 Reasons Why Young Teachers Rock

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:05 pm By

Young teachers are the best and every student would agree with me on that front. Why? Just not because they teach well in class, or because of their knowledge, because they are awesome. Old teachers use the same, old, traditional ways of teaching and honestly we do find them boring. *Enters a young teacher* and every guy starts attending lectures. Yes! 100% attendance. Why crib? When this is what it takes for us to attend lectures?


And if you are SRK you can end up having a love affair with them! ‘Chand mera dil, Chandni ho tum.’ #ThatGotALittleCheezy

Here are 23 reasons why young teachers rock!

1. They are so cool.

Young teachers are not stereotypes. Their wavelength matches with ours. Sometimes, you can even indulge into gossiping with them. I mean how cool is that?


2. You can always turn to them during problems.

‘Problem hai! Ma’am solution hai?’ No matter what problem, academic or social, they are always up for help. Even the older teachers do help, but students find it comfortable with the younger lot.


3. They relate to us better than anyone else.


Remember, wavelength? Yes! They’ve been brought up in our generation, so our problems are always acknowledged. They understand the students better and can relate to us.


4. Pranks are a must in their lectures.

This being said, they are funny. Yes they are! They have been pranked with and they’ve pranked others. All that experience, converting into one ball-room of pranks, sounds awesome, heh?


5. You can always hog on during their lectures.

Yes, the best part. They don’t stop us from eating. Well, unless you are chewing gum. In that case, I’m sorry to say you’ll be embarrassed in front of the class.

*Give me everything, popcorn, lays, coffee, everything*


6. They omit a lot of stuff.

Half textbook omit, YAYY YAYY YAYY! Yes! They do omit a lot of ‘irrelevant’ stuff. And our education system is full of it.


7. A little copying is always allowed.

In a certain limit, everything is cool. One-two objectives here and there, followed by a few answers and then passing supplements, ‘Chalta hai yaar.’


8. They can be the best philosophers at times.

Yes! You can always open up in front of them. They always help. Best listeners, best helpers, best problem solvers, best teachers.


9. They are not like, “Why do you want to go to the washroom?”

Yeah! Not like the old teachers, at all! Your bladder may not be working, let ours be in working condition!


Old teacher


10. Outside the class, they are more friends, less teachers.

Rock solid during class hours and at their random best outside, you can always catch up with these teachers even after completing your studies.


11. Well, now we have a partner when we criticize our education system.

They’ve gone through the same, shitload of syllabus and they sure hated it, just like us! Free lecture? Let’s criticize!


12. Lectures are not monotonous, they are funny and interesting.

And of course how can we forget the jokes? The jokes they crack are super relatable. They are innovative and funny. They do not use the traditional methods of teaching and try communicating as much as they can with the students. A joke here, a joke there, it’s always fun!


13. When it comes to classroom tricks, they can beat us at times.

They can be naughty at times. They can be one step ahead of us! Well, sometimes competition is good, isn’t it?


14. Their examples and the stuff they show in class is best!

They give breakup examples and show A rated movies for making the class fun and informative in their own style.


15. Get into their ‘favorites list’ and enjoy all the free attendance.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Not always, but sometimes does no harm to us!


16. Usually, they don’t care about attendance and they are extremely chilled out.

They don’t give us looks if they see us outside hanging out with our bfs or gfs.


17. They use ‘What the F*ck’ just like us.

We are a little astonished, but it’s so cool!


18. They don’t use traditional teacher dialogues like “Is this a fish market”.

Wow, so much relief to us. SO MUCH RELIEF!


19. They are tough when it comes to learning or teaching no matter how chilled out they maybe, that tops their priority list.

And this makes us wait for their lectures more!


20. The best part about them is they are first learners and then teachers. You adore them like anything.


21. We know that they are cool but the subjects they are teaching are coooler too!!!

Thank god for subjects like Cinema and Creative writing, how else would we get such teachers?


22. Their question papers are innovative too. It’s ‘actually’ fun writing an exam.

They don’t even give notes. They pursue us to write our heart out, something which we actually learnt. Not the stuff we read from fat books and eventually vomited in our answer sheets.


23. Whom are we kidding? They are hot. Half of the class has had a crush on that super awesome teacher!

Umm… Who comes to attend a literature lecture at 8am in the morning to just learn literature.


If you have had such a teacher in life, press the share button and tag her/him!




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