A 21-Year-Old DU Student ‘Marries’ 68-Year-Old Woman; Court Finds It Questionable

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4:34 pm 26 Oct, 2015


A 21-year-old Delhi University student met a 68-year-old woman from Britain online. They fell in love, and now she is his ‘wife’. But their love story has now run into a legal trouble.

The Delhi High Court which found the age difference ‘questionable’.

The High Court has directed the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Foreign Residents Registration office (FRRO) to have the marriage and the background of the couple investigated.

The move comes after the couple, Hridayanath and Joan Pamela Gulvin, filed a plea to apply for conversion of Gulvin’s visa to ‘X category’ which was pending due to unavailability of the marriage certificate.


Earlier this year in August, the couple started the process to get married under the Special Marriage Act. However, there was a delay with the police verification when the couple went to register their marriage. Later on, Gulvin’s visa expired in October.


During the brief hearing, the bench of Justice R.S. Endlaw asked whether Gulvin had married other men from India earlier to take them with her to Britain, raising the spectre of possible green card fraud and human trafficking.

The couple’s lawyer, Atul Chaubey, informed the bench that the woman had not been previously married to anyone from India and did not intend on returning to Britain.

Chaubey further said that Gulvin wanted to stay in Delhi with her husband, who had broken away from his Gorakhpur-based family. The couple had been staying in Delhi for several weeks prior to their marriage.

Though the court has not been supportive, the couple got what they wanted, said Chaubey.

“We have got the interim relief that we wanted which is the permission to extend her stay in India while the application is being processed,” he added.