This 20-Year-Old Video Of Barkha Dutt Interviewing Narendra Modi Is A Rare Gem

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2:09 pm 24 Aug, 2016


The year was 1996. The 11th Lok Sabha Elections were on and the BJP in Gujarat was facing a civil war kind of situation. But because of Narendra Modi, who was the party’s All-India General Secretary at the time, the BJP was leading in 11 seats in the state. (It would eventually defeat the Congress 16-10.)

Barkha Dutt was then a very young reporter with NDTV. And she was there to question a confident Narendra Modi of the victory that BJP had smelled. Yet what is noteworthy is her ability to ask questions of significance – a skill that has made her one of the tallest names in journalism in the country today.

On his part, Modi’s answers in the video show why he was always made for a greater role.

Not once does he feel flustered at the sharp questions aimed by Dutt. He smartly takes a dig at the Congress and deftly tackles the rift-in-BJP questions.

Watch this for Modi’s confidence level and Dutt’s own charismatic reporting.




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