You’ll Be Proud Of This Artist After You Realise Why He Searches For Dumpsters In California

Updated on 30 Aug, 2014 at 3:11 pm


Those who want to can do it and Gregory Kloehn is the classic example of that. Kloehn is not homeless but searches for dumpsters both to hone his skill as an artist and to provide a shelter for the homeless of California in US. He finds this a better way than selling art to rich people.

1. Gregory goes dumpster searching.

dumped trash

2. He build small, one-room shelters for the homeless from scrap.

one room shelters

3. And his homelessness project is getting attention.


homelessness project

4. The “houses” are about the size of a sofa.

size of the sofa.

5. To those living on the streets, the small house can mean the world.

living on the streets

6. They also have wheels, so their owners will be able to wheel them around if they need to.

have wheels

7. As an artist, Gregory Kloehn started off making sculptures.


8. Since he focused on housing, Gregory knows what he creates is being used.

focused on housing

9. One of the shelters Gregory built.

small shelter

10. And the homes are architectural masterpieces.

build homes

11. An interior of one of the homes.

building tiny homes

12. For this Gregory had a tiny wooden frame, equipped with a built-in kitchen, water tank and a small trap for human waste.

tiny wooden frame

13. What looks like a fridge is actually a home.

change their life

14. Gregory is likely to continue his noble work.


15. He’s gaining followers and would might soon start classes in building homes for the homeless. He says that many are willing to get involved.


homeless-shelters25 Credit: HuffPost via Viral Nova. Reach out to Gregory Kloehn on his Facebook Page.

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