18 Signs That Prove Your Friend Is An Over Thinker

7:00 pm 14 May, 2015

Does your friend keeps thinking all the time? And all they got for you are stressful questions? If yes, then you are friends with an over-thinker. They just can’t control their mind even for a few minutes; something keeps running in their minds all the time. They analyse everything, even your jokes, while continuing to ponder over what you actually might have meant. So here are some signs which can help you detect if your are friends with an over-thinker.


1. They keep thinking about particular incident, which you possibly don’t even remember.


2. They think you are still mad at them over an incident, which you didn’t even cared about that much.


3. They keep looking out for a meaning behind everything, even if it was just a joke.


4. They somehow always end up complicating the simplest situations.


5. They keep thanking and apologising to you, for bearing them during their continuous talking.


6. They just can’t chill and relax, they always have issues to talk about.


7. They just can’t decide what they actually want to do and are always confused.


8. They keep making future plans, but they never actually follow them.


9. They just can’t handle sarcasm, and get too hurt.


10. It takes them hours to pen down their thoughts, they think at least twice before replying to a message.


11. They badly lack patience; they just can’t tolerate waiting for anything.


12. They think everyone bitches about them behind their backs and nobody actually likes them.


13. They keep comparing themselves to others and then end up feeling sad and depressed.


14. They have a negative perspective about everything and, according to them, nothing good can happen to them.


15. Even when they are sad, they claim they are fine and can handle whatever is bothering them.


16. They always keep asking you for solutions and advices.


17. Before posting something on the internet, they check it like a 100 times.


18. If they have a crush on someone, you have to bear with them talking about that person 24/7.




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