Do You Know Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan Cannot Be BLOCKED On Facebook?

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 8:00 pm


You may not like Mark Zuckerberg’s announcements on Facebook always. However, even if you are fed up with his or his wife’s innumerable posts and announcements, there is no way you can evade them. This is because you are not empowered to block Mark Zuckerberg or Priscilla Chan, the founders of Facebook.

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Well, before you judge them as egoistic, let us tell you that this has nothing to do with their personal egos. According to news reports, both the Facebook CEO and his wife have been blocked so many times on the social media platform that the system servers just cannot process it anymore.


If you trying to block any of them, don’t get annoyed when you receive an error message saying, “profile can’t be blocked right now.”



Zuckerberg tends to be a social media addict (not really a surprise though!) and takes to Facebook to let his followers know about the various events, social functions, the advancements of the company and even town hall meetings, he attends or wishes to attend on a regular basis. All these posts are pushed forward by Facebook’s algorithm to almost every user on Facebook, thanks to Zuckerberg and Chan’s popularity. Now, needlessly, there are many who are simply got fed up being bombarded with such feeds. They get down to hitting the block button.



It was in 2010 that Facebook’s automated systems instituted a block ban on Zuckerberg and Chan. Not just the duo, but the facility permits blocking any person for a certain number of times, which is fairly large, before the block option overflows and Facebook stops allowing block to be an option at all.

Fed up with Zuckerberg and Chan, so many have hit the block option that you cannot block Zuckerberg or Chan, anymore even if you wish to!

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