14 Truths You Can Easily Relate To If You Are A Proud Smoker

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 11:44 am

1. Chai without sutta is almost equivalent to Sachin scoring a duck in a crucial match.

chai sutta

2. Cigarette comes as a great help if you’ve to combat anxiety ASAP.

smoking in stress

3. You’ve tried popping a cigarette into your mouth like Rajinikanth does. Your success rate is zero though.

Rajinikanth smoking style

4. You know the amount of pleasure you get from a cigarette after finishing your meal (esp. big and delicious).

smoking after eating

5. Alcohol doesn’t give the real hit until you smoke.

smoking gif

6. You’re not shy of re-lighting thrown out cigarette butts in case you’re cash-strapped. The second-hand smoker in you has more guts.

cigarette butt meme

7. Cooking gas is the most common alternative to light up your cigarette in absence of matchbox or lighter.

cooking gas

8. You believe that blowing a perfect smoke ring requires practice coupled with some more practice.

9. Sometimes you just light the wrong end of cigarette even when you’re not drunk.


10. That feeling when you take a sh*t while smoking. Oh yes, dude. It’s awesome!

toilet smoking

11. It’s not like that you start shedding tears and grab a tissue box whenever a cigarette breaks mistakenly. But truth to be quoted, it’s distressing for a moment.


12. You’re cool with bidi if the deficiency of cigarette is at its peak.

Amitabh Bachchan smoking gif

13. You have a lot of clothes and bedsheets – with noticeable holes – that got burnt by the cigarette.

cigarette burn

14. And you agree 100% with what Mark Twain has to say.