YOLO Australia: You Only Land Once

12:45 pm 29 Mar, 2014


The visitors going to Australia face a very unsettling question. They reasonably ask how is Australia and its environment? And after that if they still make a plan to land up there, that means they have not faced a single honest human who would confirm the horror inside all the beauty that only looks from outside. Duh…see the images below and you will figure out why they are called  ‘Wild Animals’.

1. Pythons will eat everything. EVERYTHING.


Photo Credit: Imgur

2. Pythons grow to be so big they can lift a wallaby.

grows big

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. They also like to explore malls, terrifying shoppers.

explore malls

Photo Credit: Huff Post

4. Snakes can climb up your toilets. No joke.

climbs toilet

Photo Credit: Imgur


5. The snakes there can eat other, bigger reptiles.

eating reptiles

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. You really need to understand that snakes are everywhere.

they are everywhere

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Even on planes.

snakes on planes

Photo Credit: Reuters

8. Flying fox bats can spread diseases.

fox bat

Photo Credit: Compfight

9. Dingos are dangerous. Even to sharks.


Photo Credit: Reddit

10. But sharks threaten everyone else.


Photo Credit: Sky News

11. Especially surfers.


Photo Credit: Fear Beneath

12. Surfers should also watch out for crocodiles.


Photo Credit: ABC

13. Then again, most people should watch out for crocodiles.

watch it

Photo Credit: Imgur

14. Seriously. Crocodiles.

swims in street

Photo Credit: Facebook

15. But just to keep some perspective, even the crocodiles are eaten by snakes.


Photo Credit: Facebook


16. THESE are snake food.

snake food

Photo Credit: ReX USA



17. And humans are food for the ticks.


Photo Credit: Murdoch


18. Not to mention all of the other bugs that live there. Like lots and lots of spiders.


Photo Credit: Reuters

19. This is a bucket of funnel web spiders found at a campsite. Each of them can deliver a fatal bite.

web spider

Photo Credit: Imgur

20. The spiders aren’t the only problem. Soldier beetles also swarm.

soilder beetles

Photo Credit: Imgur

21. But who are we kidding, the flies swarm, too.


Photo Credit: Imgur

22. So do millipedes.


Photo Credit: Imgur


23. These don’t swarm, but there are giant earthworms.


Photo Credit: Imgur

24. Australia also is home to giant, venomous centipedes.


Photo Credit: Imgur


25. There are cassowaries, which are giant, awful birds.

gaint birds

Photo Credit: Amazing Australia

26.  But if you don’t like the big jellyfish, there are Irukandji jellyfish. They are 100x more poisonous than cobras.

irukandi jellyfish

Photo Credit: Imgur

27. Box jellyfish are also pretty terrible, though.

box jellyfish

Photo Credit: ABC

28. Don’t worry, there are other dangerous sea creatures. Blue ringed octopi are extremely venomous with no known anti toxin.


Photo Credit: Above Top Secret

29. Marble cone snail stings can lead to respiratory paralysis and death.

cone snail

Photo Credit: University of Melbourne


30. Oh, and have you ever heard of stonefish? They are the world’s most venomous fish.


Photo Credit: Dive Buddy

 Not only are they dangerous, they look absolutely terrifying.


Photo Credit: Australian Museum

And THIS is what they can do to you.


Photo Credit: kee Wee Doc


Credit: ViralNova