“Did The Baba Cure His Cancer?”, Said Yograj Singh Brutally Thrashing Yuvraj Singh

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 7:48 pm

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech have just got married. Their big fat wedding was in the news and people were going crazy over the celebrations.



Yuvraj’s father, Yograj Singh, was in the news for not attending Yuvraj’s wedding. On asking the reason Yograj talked about his religious views and said,

If the wedding will be solemnised at any guru or dera sect or involves any religious guru. It’s destiny, I will not go. I only believe in God and not religious gurus.

Yet again, Yograj Singh is making the headlines because of his harsh statements for his son Yuvraj Singh.



Slamming Hazel Keech’s changed name i.e. Gurbasant Kaur as advised by the Guru who conducted their wedding. Yograj said,

I am surprised to see that literate people are running after these saints who look after deras. I should not speak of others, as my own family is involved in it. I taught Yuvraj how to play cricket for 16 years. He hasn’t ever given me a kurta and he has given several cars in the dera.



Yograj Singh pointed out Yuvraj’s neglectful behavior of  towards him. Questioning Yuvraj’s beliefs in Gurus he said,

I want to ask whether the baba has taught him how to play cricket? Did he cure his cancer? Yuvraj says he has been able to get back to playing because of his blessings.


Yograj has always been outspoken about his views. After a celebrated wedding, Yuvraj along with his beau is on his honeymoon in an undisclosed destination. Hence, Yuvraj is not available to give any statement to his father’s allegations.