We Don’t Know What Modiji Will Say About This ‘Goat Yoga’ Craze In The US

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Updated on 3 Sep, 2018 at 7:32 pm


PM Narendra Modi is a synonym for yoga. Modiji has influenced, rather inspired, people to practice yoga on daily basis. Benefits of yoga are many, both mental and physical.



Since yoga is a worldwide phenomenon, it will leave you in complete surprise when you will know that “Goat Yoga” is a thing in the US.

People are doing workouts in the farms across the country with Nigerian Dwarf goats.



Adonna Ebrahimi, a yoga student, shared his unusual yet peaceful experience,

“At first, it was a bit scary because I didn’t know the goats were going to jump on my back. After the first class, I felt the warmth of the animal and you’re on the straw, in the sun, with the trees and the blue skies around you, and it just felt so calming and peaceful.”

This strange idea was started by Danette McReynolds, whose family owns the goats. She wanted to raise money for her 16 year-old daughter and a friend who are planning to showcase the animals at a farm show.

As more and more people have become a part of this yoga session, she is quite surprised by this movement,

“We didn’t know how it was going to go but it’s taken off, we’re booked solid.”


Several of her students said the goats do get in the way of the yoga stretches and poses, but they are a welcome distraction.

“It was a pure release of tension, a pure release of frustration,” said Judy Waters, a yoga student.


Should we try this in India, Modiji?