Uttarakhand Villagers Use Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Songs To Scare ‘Jungli Suar’

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6:16 pm 4 Dec, 2015


Villagers in Uttarakhand are using Yo Yo Honey Singh songs on loudspeakers to scare wild boars (jungli suar) away, according to a report in The Times of India.


Apparently, the trick is working.

It all started when wild boars started invading agricultural land in Uttarakhand. The problem was so widespread that it led to government declaring them as pests and sanction their killing, the report said.

But these beasts were hard to catch, so to scare them away, farmers started blasting loud party songs of Honey Singh and other rappers. Interestingly, the songs drove other wild animals as well.


Bishan Jantwal, 48 got this innovative who has heard from his elders that wild animals avoid places where there is a human habitat.

He thought of playing music to let them know of human presence and it has worked.


“Apart from party songs with high musical notes and loud beats, we also play bhajans which have similar effects over wild boars and other species like jackal, nilgai and others,”

The initiative, started in October, involves less investment than usual practices adopted by the government departments such as playing recorded voices of tiger and other wild animals.


Last year, farmers of the region were left bankrupt after wild animals destroyed their crops .

This idea has not only helped to keep wild animals away but also served the purpose of entertaining the nearby localities.



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