Yanet Garcia’s Boyfriend Dumped Her For The Most Bizarre Reason You Will Hear Today

1:57 pm 25 Jul, 2018


‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia became worldwide famous due to her exceptionally good looks and stunning body. She garnered a huge fan following on social media, all thanks to her sensuous appeal. Model-turned-reporter started her stint on television after joining the Mexican TV station Televisa Monterrey. Incidentally, she became an instant hit among the audience because of the figure-hugging outfits that bring out the best in her.

Over the past few years, 26-year-old Yanet Garcia has been romantically linked with the 23-year-old professional gamer named Douglas Censor Martin aka FaZe Censor. Yanet shot to even an even wider fame after she started dating the YouTuber and professional Call of Duty player FaZe Censor. The couple has been together for three years after becoming the talk-of-the-town due to their relationship.


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She is the poser!


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Their love!






However, it seems like all is not well in Yanet’s wonderland. Well, according to reports, FaZe Censor has revealed that he had split up with Yanet Garcia and the reason that he gave was quite unexpected. The YouTuber revealed the information about his breakup with the Sexiest Weather Girl in the world through a video with the caption “We broke up”.



In the video, Yanet’s ex-boyfriend talked about the best of Garcia and then revealed the reason for their breakup saying “I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

Evidently, as told by FaZe Censor, the bizarre reason for their breakup is that he needs to focus on playing Call of Duty as he would be playing the next iteration in the franchise full time. Yes! You read that right! Yanet’s gamer boyfriend broke up with her because he wants to divert all his attention to his gaming and Call of Duty. He doesn’t want to be distracted by the girlfriend or any other reason possible.




Censor also said that he didn’t have enough time to focus both on being a professional player and maintaining the relationship, especially with Garcia working in Mexico full-time. He furthered reasoned the breakup with his desires to maintain a social life with his family and friends and in order to continue being a ‘gym shark’.


Check out the video in which he is breaking up with Yanet:



Apparently, Yanet Garcia responded to the public breakup with a tweet that just said “heartbroken”. Later, she posted another tweet that reads, “everything happens for a reason”. Take a read at the Yanet Garcia’s tweets:






However, it seems like Censor is still not over the breakup since he posted yet another picture with Yanet after he made the announcement about their relationship through a YouTube video. In the post, he thanked people for supporting them through the tough times.

Here is the post:



Well, we are heartbroken too but we wish them a happy life ahead!