Here’s Why You’ll See Yamraj On Bengaluru Roads And The Reason Is Hilarious. Twitterati Are All Praises!

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11:28 am 12 Jul, 2018


Lord Yamraj, as we all know, according to the Hindu mythology is the God of death. It is believed that one sees Lord Yamraj when someone is about to pass away. Since practically no one wants to die, no one either wants to see Yamraj. But many people have got to see Lord Yamraj on Bengaluru roads recently. Not the real one, of course! A man attired in a black and golden outfit, holding an arm similar to that of Lord Yamraj could be seen running behind motorists on the roads of Bengaluru.

The reason is funny as well as surprising. Moreover, the idea of using Lord Yamraj’s concept is very intelligent and equally good are its after effects.


Yamraj on Bengaluru roads

Lord Yamraj representational image. Source


The Halasuru Gate Traffic Police of Bengaluru has roped in an actor who would play the role of ‘Yamraj’ and will serve as their brand ambassador. This Yamraj will drive the message of following road safety rules. He will intercept the motorists who will violate traffic rules such as driving without helmet, driving rashly and other rules.



Anupam Agrawal, deputy commissioner of traffic police, Bengaluru told PTI:

“We are observing July as a road safety month. As part of it, we are conducting various programmes such as lectures in schools and colleges and street-plays. Also, we thought of using the character Yama to send the message across that if you disobey the traffic rules, Yama will come to your home.”



The actor who is playing the role of Yamraj on the roads of Bengaluru is Veeresh. He is a theatre artist and mainly performs dramas based on the Hindu mythology.



According to the traffic police, the public awareness drive has helped in minimizing accidents. This is because the new campaign addresses the issue of irresponsible driving on roads, one of the major causes of traffic menace in India.



Some hilarious pictures of Yamraj running after the motorists at some occasions and riding with them on their vehicle at other are all there on the social media. As these pictures captured the attention of Twitterati, they couldn’t stop themselves from bursting into laughter and coming up with humorous responses. At the same time, Twitterati are all praises for the Bengaluru traffic police who has devised such a unique and effective idea of reducing the menace of reckless driving on roads of the city. We have compiled some of the best of these tweets for you below. Take a look:


















Do you find it funny and intelligent?