You Won’t Believe Which Hindi Words Have Been Added To Oxford Dictionary

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6:05 pm 26 Jun, 2015

Like us, are you also fond of phrase ‘arey yarr‘ and do you use it constantly? Well, now there is a reason to be proud of it. The Oxford English Dictionary has added Hindi words like ‘arre yaar‘, ‘churidar‘, ‘bhelpuri‘ and ‘dhaba‘ along with 500 new entries this year, reports New Indian Express.

 The Oxford dictionary defines ‘churidar‘ as:



While a ‘dhaba‘ is:


dhaba 1

Our most common word – ‘yaar‘ – is defined as:



And mouth-watering ‘bhelpuri‘ is explained as:



There are about 240 Indian words in the Oxford Dictionary including the recently added ‘keema‘ and ‘papad‘.


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