Y-Films’ First Transgender Band Is Set To Change The Way You See The Third Gender

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4:13 pm 7 Jan, 2016

In a diverse country like India, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a place for the ‘third gender’. They are shunned and ignored. Their existence is awkward. They are denied jobs not because they are not competent, because they are ‘those people’.

Their presence is laughed at or, worse, dreaded. 


Y-Films have launched India’s first transgender band, Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band.

‘Hum Hain Happy’ is the debut single of the band, presented in a quirky way to highlight their beautiful spirit. The initiative is an attempt to break the barriers we have created over the years shutting them off from our everyday lives.


The band will be collaborating with Sonu Nigam for another song ‘Rab Ke Bande’, which will re-emphasize the notion of gender quality in our country.  


In spite of the world walking over them, these ‘hijras’, ‘sixers’, transgenders or whatever names we’ve given them, will never be spiteful to you. They celebrate your happy moments like their own. They sing, dance and clap to join in your happiness.


I don’t think anyone else can have hearts as big as theirs. Probably we are right when we say they are different – they are extra-ordinary souls who deserve our respect, kindness and acceptance.

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