China Is Now Broadcasting A Show Called ‘Talk India’ On Xinhua State News Channel

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6:15 pm 21 Aug, 2017


After a failed attempt at posting a hilarious video of India, Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, has now started to broadcast a new show called “Talk India”.

The new video released of the talk show throws few praises for India saying that it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and one with a brilliant culture. This video is massively tamed when compared to the earlier video titled “7 sins of India” in which a man with a beard and a turban was shown speaking in a terrible accent.

The new video portrays Beijing’s stand about Doklam, a stark deviation from the versions of India and Bhutan. The video said,


On June 18, Indian troops carrying weapons and driving two bulldozers crossed the Sikkim sector and entered Chinese territory. It obstructed Chinese road works in the region causing a standoff between the two sides.

However, Bhutan and India have maintained that the Chinese army violated the border and entered Bhutanese territory. The new video also said the border issue shows a lack of trust and could lead to strategic myopia that could hurt India’s interests.

The talk show host further added,

India and China are two of the world’s oldest civilisations with time honoured histories and brilliant cultures. They are not born rivals. Contact between the two countries stretch back to ancient times. Which is why India should immediately and unconditionally withdraw all troops from Chinese territory.

Soldiers discuss an issue India Today


The host also cautions India to act soberly and make just decisions. The conclusion of the show mentioned,

After all, there is more than enough room in Asia for the Chinese dragon and the Indian elephant to dance together.

The video shows a sudden jump from an elaborated lecture of sharing the past to a potential threat to India for the withdrawal of the troops unconditionally. India has not reacted to any of the two videos.



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