16 WWE Sayings You Can Use For Everyday Situations

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 6:46 pm


1. If someone claims to be downright honest, tell them what Ted DiBiase told his opponents:

2. After you settle a score, utter this sloowwllyy in deep baritone…

(while rollllling your eyes into your head like The Undertaker, if you can)

3. When they persist but you don’t want to tell them your thoughts.

4. If someone claims to be better than you, silence them with this quote of Ric Flair:

And cap it off with this…

5. “And who do you think you are?”

6. When you go one up against someone in a competition, cry out like Booker T:

7. To announce your connection with something, turn…


…into <the place, situation, event> is <your name>.

8. If someone asks sarcastically, “So you think you are good?”, say what The Miz declares:

9. They tell you that you have just one life. But DX say:

10. When you have to issue a challenge, issue it like Hulk Hogan,

11. When you want to state that you are unstoppable (like John Cena).

12. When you know people are with you, cement that bond with.

13. Someone is talking rubbish with you. Ask his name, and just as he is about to respond interrupt like The Rock:

14. Announce your arrival like a seasoned champ.

15. If you are a boss like Vince McMahon, you can use this liberally.

16. “Describe yourself.” Do it the Hitman way:

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