12 Reasons Why You Should Write Poetry More Often

10:00 am 3 Jul, 2015

Poetry, loved them during school times didn’t y’all? Short and sweet, complete within a lecture and then free time. Well, ever thought of writing one of those? Nothing helps put emotions on a sheet of paper better than a poem. Here’s why you should write poetry more often.

1. Poetry helps you portray your emotions on paper.

When filled with emotions, poetry comes out with the flow. Happy, sad or mad, you’ll have poetry in your hand, and you’ll feel better in the end.


2. Poetry for someone always makes up for a good gift.

Yes, I’d prefer a nice, sweet poem more than a big-shitty paragraph on my Facebook newsfeed, any day! So much love!


3. Your poetry knows your feelings better than you.

When you pen down a poem, your feelings are imbibed into it. Yes, your poem is a mirror image of your heart!


4. Well, it is a lost art, so maybe that’d help you gain some popularity.

Poetry writing is not all the famous among youngsters today. And when you write poetry, you are bound to get some attention. Guaranteed!


5. Poetry is an art, blocking is a sin; poetry helps you better than a f**king glass of gin!

As stated before, poetry helps you pen your emotions. And it certainly helps you feel better. Don’t believe me? Do try this at home.


6. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I say, indeed.

Yes, pen has more power than a sword. It has the power to heal, reveal and conceal.


7. Just put pen on paper, who knows you may develop a masterpiece. It is said, best things happen by accident.

Well, I started poetry just because I was bored, sad and had nothing to do. And, by luck, it turned out pretty well.


8. Write one for your college journal, famous forever.

One article by you in your college journal can truly change your life! Trust me.


9. It does help you being more creative and witty.

Well, you open up to your creative side and start being playful. You start a liking for words and develop a creative mind!


10. Know your poetry, embrace it. Coz you maybe a poet and you might not even know it.

Talent is hidden, deep inside you. Try your hand at poetry coz something maybe lying inside you.


11. “Poetry is like poop. If it wants to come out and you are stopping it you will probably have constipation”.


12. It helps you vent out your inner you in form of words. What’s better than that?!


Now go, pen down your first poem.


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