The Reason Behind World’s Ugliest Dog Competition Will Melt Your Heart

2:06 pm 19 Jul, 2018


Every year World’s Ugliest Dog Competition is held in California. Well, before you jump in to protest thinking that it’s about making fun of the dogs, we would like to say the case is entirely different. As a part of the Sonoma-Marin fair held in Petaluma, California the ugliest dogs enter the competition to compete against one another. Generally scheduled for the 4th week of June, it also carries prize money of about $1,500 along with a trophy.

With a gathering of about 3,000 people, it is one of such shows that attract a lot of media coverage. Started in 1970, this show is all about encouragement. How? Well, it’s about encouraging the owners to show their dogs who are otherwise considered ugly.



The show is all about showing the world that happiness and friendship can come from anyone irrespective of their physical appearance.



Frankly, the reason behind this amazing contest made us teary-eyed!



Be prepared to go on an emotional ride with the images from this year’s competition. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling after seeing the happy canines who are apparently ugly to look at. Let’s start with the winner Zsa Zsa of World’s Ugliest Dog Competition 2018.



Martha bagged the title last year and she was also a part of 2018’s competition



Rascal Deux rocking in full swag!




Meet Mandarina



What a smile!



Josie’s attitude reflects her confidence



Don’t you think Wild Thang is adorable?


Meatloaf taking the stage



Whom you liked most?