These 37 Photographs Of Women From Around The World Prove True Beauty Lies In Being Yourself

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Updated on 13 May, 2015 at 6:37 pm


Romania-based photographer Mihaela Noroc travelled to 37 countries capturing some of the most beautiful women from all walks of life. Calling her photographic documentary “The Atlas Of Beauty”, Noroc says that she has realized that true beauty lies in being yourself.

Her goal is to take photos of women from each country of the world.

1. Maramures, Romania



1_Maramures, Romania


2. Shiraz, Iran


2_Shiraz, Iran

3. Tibetan Plateau, China


3_Tibetan Plateau, China

4. Valley, Ethiopia


4_Omo Valley, Ethiopia

5. Romania



6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


6_Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Yangon, Myanmar


7_Yangon, Myanmar

8. Colca Valley, Peru


8_Colca Valley, Peru

9. Amazon Rainforest


9_Amazon Rainforest

10. El Paico, Chile


10_El Paico, Chile

11. Riga, Latvia


11_Riga, Latvia

12. Nasir al-Mulk, Iran


12_Nasir al-Mulk, Iran

13. Bali Indonesia


13_Bali Indonesia

14. Little India, Singapore


14_Little India, Singapore

15. New York, USA


15_New York, USA

16. Havana, Cuba


16_Havana, Cuba

17. Oxford, UK


17_Oxford, UK

18. Chang Mai, Thailand


18_Chang Mai, Thailand

19. Tibetan Plateau, China


19_Tibetan Plateau, China

20. Bogota, Colombia, China


20_Bogota, Colombia

21. Havana, Cuba


21_Havana, Cuba

22. Medellin, Colombia


22_Medellin, Colombia

23. Mawlamyine, Myanmar


23_Mawlamyine, Myanmar

24. Otavalo, Ecuador


24_Otavalo, Ecuador

25. England



26. Sydney, Australia


26_Sydney, Australia

27. Otavalo, Ecuador


27_Otavalo, Ecuador

28. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


28_San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

29. Tbilisi, Georgia


29_Tbilisi, Georgia

30. Maori Marae, New Zealand


30_Maori Marae, New Zealand

31. Tanara din Republica Moldova


31_ Tanara din Republica Moldova

32. On the streets of Havana


32_On the streets of Havana

33. Mancora, Peru


33_Mancora, Peru

34. Moscow, Russia


34_Moscow, Russia

35. Medellin, Colombia


35_Medellin, Colombia

36. Cali, Colombia


36_Cali, Colombia

37. Sayaka in Tokyo, Japan


37_Sayaka in Tokyo, Japan


To see more of her work visit Mihaela Noroc Photography.



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