India Unveils World’s Largest Solar Power Plant In Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu

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12:45 pm 30 Nov, 2016

India on November 29 unveiled the world’s largest solar power plant at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu and is now on its way to become world’s third biggest solar market by 2017.

Latest images released of the plant is enough to portray the sheer size of the new solar power plant, which has the capacity to generate 648 MW power, which will cover an area of 10sq km from the plant.


The capacity of the plant now also makes it the largest solar power plant at a single location.

The Kamuthi Power Plant has now taken the title of being world’s biggest solar farm from the US’s Topaz Solar Farm which is located in California and has the capacity to generate 550 MW of power.

Topaz Solar Power PlantWikimap

Topaz Solar Power PlantWikimap

To achieve the massive target of powering 60 million homes by the sun by 2022, India has also built this new solar plant in an impressive time of just eight months and set a very efficient way cleaning these solar panels daily by a robotic system which itself is powered by its own solar panels.

Once at full capacity, this solar plant is estimated to produce enough electricity which will power about 150,000 homes in the area.


This plant has about 2.5 million individual solar modules and has been built at the cost of around $679m.


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