The World’s First Elephant Selfie (or ‘Elphie’) Is Causing A Stir

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4:54 pm 22 May, 2015


 If you were left stunned by a black macaque’s selfie last year that led to a tug of war between Wikipedia and the photographer about who owned the selfie, this awesome “elphie” is going to floor you completely, reports Indian Express.

The world’s first elephant selfie or ‘elphie’ has taken social media users by storm. The ‘elphie’ is courtesy Christian LeBlanc and was taken on Koh Phangan Island in southeast Thailand.

 LeBlanc said:

“I was taking photos and feeding the elephant bananas until I ran out of bananas and the elephant grabbed my Gopro while the camera was set to ‘timelapse’ which allowed the camera continuous shooting and enabled it to take the “elphie”.”



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