World’s Biggest Crowd Appealing Bornfire Party Is With 132ft Tall Stack Of Pallets

11:00 am 26 Mar, 2014


An intensive bonfire you will ever see in the city of Alesund, Norway to celebrate summer in a traditional style. Some daredevils of brave group work together every year in June to stack wood pallets to set a height of 132 ft; later this wooden pallet is burn down in celebration of mid summer and John the Baptist’s birthday. The glow of this tradition becomes much stronger as some parts of the Northern Norway lie in the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, due to the continuous daylight during summers they have the darkest months of winter. Below are some images shown where every folk in town comes together to celebrate this amazing event.



Young Norwegians worked together to stack these wooden pallets high

daredevils stacking wooden pallets

Photo Credit: Staale Watto/Sunnmørsposten

When it was finished, this masterpiece was over 131 ft tall

131 feet tall pallet

Photo Credit: Kenneth Enstad

Locals created this leaning tower of pallets to celebrate Midsummer, known to them as Sankthans

celebrating midsummer

Photo Credit: Ruben Molnes


 The annual festival celebrates John the Baptist’s birth. But they don’t just BUILD the tower…

Celebrating baptist birth

Photo Credit: Torgeir Elveland

…they also BURN it

Burn it

Photo Credit: Geir Halvorsen

In Alesund, this traditional bonfire is absolutely epic

Traditional Bornfire

Photo Credit:

In 2010, they set a world record for the tallest bonfire at 132.71 ft

world tallest bornfire

Photo Credit: Geir Halvorsen

To light the fire properly, someone must climb the tower and light it from the top

burning from top

Photo Credit: Geir Halvorsen

It’s built specifically so that it burns from the top down (so that whoever lights it can climb away to safety quickly)

built from top down

Photo Credit: Geir Halvorsen

The towns people watch the bonfire nearby from boats

People Watching

Photo Credit: Marius Helland Bøstrand

With a fire this enormous, keeping a safe distance is vital, so it’s doubtful anyone made s’mores

keeping safe distance

Photo Credit: Marius Helland Bøstrand

Credit: Viralnova & Twisted Sifter