World War II Veteran Comes Out As Transgender At The Age Of 90

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9:52 pm 30 Mar, 2017


After a lifetime of living a lie, World War II vet, Peter Davies, now Patricia Davies, decided she couldn’t pretend to be who she wasn’t anymore. So, at the ripe, old age of 90, she has come out as transgender.


The 90 year-old says that she knew at the age of three that she was born in the wrong body. But she kept her truth hidden because she was scared of what they would do to her if she ever came out. Back in her time, they used to subject “different” people to electroconvulsive (shock) therapy to “cure” them of their “aberration”. She also feared being ostracized from family, and society.

So,Patricia did everything a man was “supposed to do” — fought valiantly in a war, married a woman, lived as men are expected to. She came out to her wife 30 years ago, but refrained from being herself when some teenagers saw her in women’s clothing and threw eggs at the Davies’ house.

Fear of retribution, from a society that couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like living outside your skin, forced Patricia to hide who she is. It took her 90 years to come out.

The Leicestershire resident now lives as a woman, is a member of the Women’s Institute, wears women’s clothing and takes estrogen. She also says that she hasn’t ruled out surgery.


Patricia is living proof that it’s never too late to be who you are. The brave soldier who once fought in the Second World War has proved, once again, what it means to be courageous in the face of rampant hate.



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