15 Rare Facts About World War II That Textbooks Missed

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6:30 pm 3 Mar, 2016

In school we read about World War II, but there are certain things that our textbooks missed. Here are some facts about the second world war that you might not know:

1. There is a Twitter account that tweets about World War II as it happened on this day, 1944 onwards.



2. When Emil Hacha, the President of Czechoslovakia, heard about Hitler’s plan of bombing the capital, he suffered a heart attack.


3. Oscar statuettes were made of painted plaster, as there was shortage of metal during the war.


4. The cost of World War II was almost $3 trillion. It cost each person in the US $20,388.


5. Wojtek, a brown bear, was trained by the Polish army to move crates of ammunition. He then lived in the Edinburgh zoo after the war.


6. 200,000 Jewish artefacts were displayed at the end of the war in a trophy case labeled The Museum of an Extinct Race per the order of Adolf Hitler.


7. Just two months after winning the war, William Churchill lost the 1945 elections.


8. 80% of all Soviet males born in 1923 died in the war.


9. There are approximately 5,500 leftover bombs in Germany, which are looked for, and defused, every year.


10. Muslims in Paris gave shelter to Jews by giving them Muslim IDs and letting them hide in the underground caverns of mosques.


11. Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, was in the US Navy and fought against his uncle.


12. No matter how many died in the war, Hitler never visited any concentration or death camp.


13. During WWII, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Services bombed China with fleas infected with bubonic plague that caused a massive plague outbreak.


14. The Taj Mahal was covered with a scaffold to camouflage it as a stockpile of bamboo to misguide bombers.


15. A Japanes soldier, Hiroo Onoda, took 29 years to surrender. He died in 2014.


For some more interesting facts and their sources read here.

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