These Images Of World Rulers On ‘The Pot’ Will Make You Realize They Too Are People!

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 7:25 pm

Cristina Guggeri, an artist in Italy, in early 2015 had released a series of images called ‘Il Dovere Quotidiano‘, meaning “The Daily Duty”.


These images feature a collection of world known leaders, who are sitting on the toilet like any ordinary man or woman.

With these images, Cristina wants to show the world that even the people who lord” over us and rule the world, are flesh and blood and are people just like anyone of us.

This art features known world leaders like Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel,







…and even has images of the Pope and the Queen of England, sitting on ‘the pot’.




These images/art so far has mostly amused millions from around the world, though there are still many who have found them offensive and said that they are disrespectful.

These world leaders interestingly, have not said a word about these images themselves, nor do they seem to have taken offence to it.


Guggeri is a well known and experienced Italian artist, who in the past has held many exhibitions, mostly on political, and socially provocative aspects of the world.